Keep it Creative Reusable Wheat Stalk Products

Wheat Stalk LunchboxThe world uses 16 billion disposable cups every year!
Join the revolution against single use items, Think reusable!
These wheat straw cups are produced from biodegradable wheat waste and with their creative designs you will be making an environmental statement.
Make the change today!

Our goal is to promote awareness and inspire a change towards the ongoing plastic consumption of our planet. What better way to promote our cause then through our own waste, WHEAT HUSKS!

Wheat husk is a bi-product of a wheat harvest. Once wheat grains are taken from the wheat plant, Wheat husks and stalks are treated as waste and often burnt, contributing to air pollution.

Recycled wheat products are sustainable, eco-friendly, plastic & BPA free, re-usable and best of all bio-degradable.

Our aim is to promote this material as a viable substitute for plastic products, lessening the environmental impact facing our planet.

Over 300 million tons of plastic are produced annually, whilst more then 90% of all plastic in NOT recycled.

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