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All Natural Soap Flakes

All Natural Soap Flakes 300g

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Our all-natural washing flakes will leave your clothes smelling beautiful and fresh and your dishes squeaky clean. Our formula is biodegradable, greywater friendly, and is suitable for both front- and top-loading washing machines.

How to use:

For washing clothes:

Add a tablespoon to your front loader and top loader directly to the load. These flakes can be used in hot and cold water and are also great for hand washing.

For dishwashing:

Add approximately a tablespoon to hot water. Stir vigorously to dissolve and create bubbles. Wash and rinse your dishes as you would with any other dishwashing liquid.

To make a cleaning gel:

Add equal portions of boiling water to the soap flakes in a container and let sit for at least an hour to allow the flakes to dissolve. The resulting paste is great for washing kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Use as you would a usual household cleaner.