About Us

Dandelions 3 is a family owned business, I (Leisa) is a mother of three young children who lives on Tamborine Mountain in the Scenic Rim in Queensland. (prefers not to leave the Mountain)

My vision for Dandelions 3 is to bring Eco Friendly, sustainable products to this beautiful area in which we live in, with the lush rain forests and beautiful landscape in which we are surrounded by.

I believe there is a rich talent of Local Scenic Rim Manufacturers which should be showcased to the rest of Australia while providing Scenic Rim Manufactured products in easy reach for the local community and to share the love she has for the local products in  which Dandelion’s 3 will represent in her store and online to customers to enjoy and be so very proud to support local manufactures in today’s crazy times. Shop Local is 100% behind the reason why I decided to make Dandelions 3 a reality not just a dream.

Being a mum of three young children and being so far away from the stores to buy affordable handmade sustainable products for my children my aim is to take the stress out of Mums and Dad’s lives and have a local store in which families could visit to purchase carefully selected unique affordable Children’s clothing, Natural Skincare, Wellbeing products, Eco friendly kitchenware, Handmade pottery ,sourcing handmade manufactures with a sustainable point of difference, along with feel good products such as candles which are all hand poured and Australian made and also a carefully selected homewares range, Handmade jewellery sourced from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. I know all Dandelions 3 unique handmade products are made with so much LOVE.

Dandelions 3 has also selected Baby & Children’s natural skin products from balms to reusable nappies & children’s accessories with the baby’s wellbeing in mind.

For the mum’s I have carefully selected a unique range of feel good natural Australian made skincare, with pick me up oils, face masks and accessories to help Mum’s feel relaxed and less anxious in this crazy world we live in and with all the time constraints life has being a MUM we all need some TLC for ourselves. All my carefully selected products are a quick and easy fix as we know Mum’s are ALWAYS in a RUSH and always thinking two steps ahead.

For the DAD’S a range of natural skincare and personal wellbeing products as Dad’s also feel the pressure of everyday life, Dandelions 3 are here for the DAD’S too. Also, a great place to send DAD and the kids to buy that special gift for mum without having to drive to far.

I believe in looking after our backyard and the beautiful somewhat untouched environment we live in that is the Scenic Rim & Tamborine Mountain with a selection of Clean living cleaning products such as, Washing powder, Natural Deodorants & DIY Eco Friendly home kits to experiment with becoming a greener you for the future.

Dandelions 3 also features Rattan children and dolls furniture to let the imagination of our little one’s thrive and feed their curious minds.

Dandelions 3 will also feature small outdoor garden accessories with a unique and quirky twist to ensure we all get outside and enjoy the beautiful fresh Mountain air all selected with wellbeing in mind and of course children.

My store is not just another store but a place to SHOP LOCAL  a DESTINATION to feel relaxed and knowing you are supporting local’s, as soon as you walk in the door  a positive local energy will be present to lift the spirts of Local Manufactures & Australian Manufactures in whom I am so very proud to support.

Dandelions 3 - Unique Style products at affordable prices. I hope you see you soon xxx